Attend Thanksgiving Worship on Tuesday, November 21

St. John will hold Thanksgiving worship on Tuesday, November 21, at 7:00 p.m.

If you’re able, please bring items for the Thanksgiving food drive.

Join Us at CROSS+WALK This Month

In the month of October, we learned about gratitude with our “Refocus” theme. We explored gratitude (and un-gratitude) in the psalms, Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians, and in a parable that Jesus told. We can thank God for something every day!

Come experience our new theme in November and December, “The Big Give,” as we think outside the box about generosity!

New to CROSS+WALK or just curious? Come join us! We meet Sundays at 9:45am downstairs in the fellowship hall. Come at 9:30am for family fellowship time! Through large and small group settings (age 3-grade 5), we show everyone in the family how to live out their faith every day—at home, at school, and in the community.

Questions? Call Erin Bjerke at the church office 701-232-8521 or email

St. John’s Year of the Volunteer

If you haven’t noticed, there are a couple extra doors at St. John. These are there to help commemorate the Reformation, but also to help us live out the Year of the Volunteer, which is St. John’s theme for this year.

We’re inviting everyone at St. John to consider volunteering, or volunteering in a new area. On these doors, you’ll find various volunteer opportunities.

Please check out these doors to see if there’s something there that you want to get involved in! If you have an idea for something new for St. John, feel free to let us know and we’ll work with you to get that ministry started.

Participate in the Thanksgiving Food Drive

The FM Food Pantry is located at 1101 4th Ave N in Fargo. The Pantry collects and distributes groceries and goods directly to people who come to the Pantry site to make a request for food for their families and themselves. In 2016 the Pantry provided food to 17,885 individuals from 5,997 households – 44% of the individuals it serves are children under 18.

The FM Food Pantry is heavily reliant on the work of volunteers. Last year in 2016, 1,906 individual volunteers provided 24,070 hours of work at the FM Food Pantry—this is equivalent to 11.5 full time employees. For one week each year we, at St. John, take a turn to recruit the volunteers who fill the many grocery requests that the Pantry receives every day.

The FM Food Pantry is reliant on food that it receives from local food drives – like the one we’ve done annually at Thanksgiving at St. John. This Thanksgiving, our Social Concerns/Mission Committee is once again issuing a challenge to our congregation to collect one TON of grocery items to help keep the shelves of our F-M Food Pantry replenished!

This year will mark our 22nd annual food drive in connection with observance of Thanksgiving! The drive will once again be held in conjunction with our Thanksgiving worship service that’s to be held at 7:00pm on November 21st.

As in the past, those who participate in our food drive will be given a grocery bag during worship services with a list of food items needed by the Pantry stapled on the outside of the bag. More information about the food drive will be provided in the worship service announcements on Sunday mornings prior to Thanksgiving.

Learn About Luther!

Learn about Martin Luther and the Reformation during our adult forum series. Join us at 9:45 a.m. on Sundays in the sanctuary.

  • October 1: Martin Luther and The 95 Theses: The First Door on the Road to Reformation (Dr. Roy Hammerling)
  • October 8: Martin Luther, ‘Here I Stand’ and The Risk of Following Conscience (Dr. Roy Hammerling)
  • October 15 and 22: 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (Rev. Dr. Erick Thompson)