Welcome to St. John Lutheran Church

Welcome to St. John Lutheran Church! We are a “community in Christ” who is passionate about being “Christ in community.”  Being community in Christ celebrates diversity and focuses on unity through Jesus given through the cross and resurrection. We welcome the diversity of race, national origin, age, gender, physical, mental and emotional condition or capacity, political perspective, personal history, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic or social situation. We as a community of Christ are strengthened through worship and learning so that together we can enter the other communities in our lives and share God’s grace. Join us as we strive to be “community in Christ” while being “Christ in our communities.” We're located in South Fargo near the entrance to Lindenwood Park.  

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Don’t Miss the Boat

“Don’t miss the Boat” Sermon Series   During Lent, we will take a look at different boats and connect them to faith. Many sanctuaries are built by using the common construction of early wooden ships and Jesus did a great amount of ministry while sitting, sleeping, or stilling the storm in a boat. Join us…

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Christmas Eve Worship

Christmas Eve Worship:   3:30pm, 5:30pm, and 10:30pm 3:30pm.       Led by worship band with Communion 5:30pm.      Choirs and Lessons with Communion and Candle Light 10:30pm.    Reflective Worship with Communion and Candle Light **December 27th 9:30am, One Worship Service Only

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Why do we Give$??

Together we bring our gifts to God to be blessed for many.  St. John has it’s fingers in the community through the many ways you give.  Take a moment to listen to members share why they give to  our faith community called St. John.