St. John provides musical opportunities for all ages, interests and talents:

Music Programs

The Children’s choir meets Wednesdays for 45 minutes.  They sing about once a month. Some of the goals are to introduce good singing voices, learn about beats & rhythms, learn certain parts of the liturgy,  sing songs about God, sing in a Mass choir 1-2 times a year, and grow closer to each other.  The children typically participate in an annual musical. The musical builds confidence in children.  They learn about teamwork and have fun while singing.  They learn new concepts about God which tend to center around one Biblical story or a Christian Concept. Director: Dawn Papenfuss (701) 232-8521

St. John choir sings approximately 3 out of 4 Sundays. If you are interested in singing but question how much time you have, call and ask, or just try us out! This group has a wide range of repertoire; the anthems usually fit the Sunday theme. We also sing at the Christmas Eve service. This group also goes to sing at some of the Retirement homes in the area. Come and sing!

Dawn Papenfuss
(701) 232-8521

This is for adults who read music and love to play in an ensemble utilizing handbells and handchimes. Rehearsals are 5:30-6:30 Wednesday’s throughout the school year and we play in church approximately monthly. We currently have an ensemble full of committed ringers, but often need substitutes or are very open to starting a second group should enough interested parties inquire. This 2nd adult group would not rehearse Wednesday’s – those interested could help determine a rehearsal schedule.  Coordinator: Jessica Westgard Larson (701) 371-8094

For children who can already read basic music notation, typically 2nd or 3rd grade and older. One year of piano lessons is a preferred prerequisite, but can be discussed.  Rehearsals are Wednesday’s 5:00-5:30 through most of the school year (we often take January off for the February Children’s Musical). We typically play in church about every 6-7 weeks.  Handbells require a strong commitment and communication with the director if kids need to miss or take a break for a month or two due to other activity conflicts that come up during the year.  Handbells are a great way to strengthen your child’s rhythmic ability and music reading skills and be introduced to an instrument prior to band and orchestra years. 

Jessica Westgard Larson
(701) 371-8094

This is an ensemble of soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders.  They play in worship anywhere from 2-4 times a year.  Rehearsal times are set by the group. Let the director know if you are a recorder player!

Peggy Hammerling
(701) 241-9127

This is a mixed group of musicians (singers, drummers, guitarists, pianists) who help lead worship once/month. If you have an interest in this group and/or a special musical talent that could be helpful, please let us know.

If you play an instrument, please let the Director of Music know.  We like to incorporate as many instruments in worship as possible. This includes those who sing but don’t want to be in an ensemble.